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Dog walkingPicture this, it’s a beautiful Saturday morning. I wake up to take my dog Jones out for a walk. This is my usual morning adventure even during the week. If I don’t walk Jones, he’ll tear through some of my shoes or he’ll eat dirt and decide that it would be a great idea to throw up on my bed. We’ve got a love/hate relationship. More love than hate, I’d definitely say. Anyway, once we get back I usually give him his breakfast. On the weekends, he gets a special breakfast. I cook up some bacon and eggs for myself, and he usually will get coconut oil mixed in with his food. It’s really been helping him get his coat shiny and smooth, but more importantly it’s been helping get his breath under control. Eating dirt and getting in touch with his inner bulimic was not helpful.

Once he’s done eating, I’ll wash the dishes. And then, I usually will just sit on the couch with him and catch up on my TV shows. But, today was going to be different. I had a date tonight and I hadn’t cleaned my apartment in over two weeks. To say it was a mess would have been an understatement. I had piles of clothes that needed to be washed or folded, I wasn’t sure, sitting in a corner. There were some boxes I had gotten from Amazon and a pile of bills that needed to be paid. The dishes hadn’t been done this week, so I was glad I started there.

Dallas Texas

It was 10 a.m. and I was still in my pajamas. I had until 7 p.m. to get ready for my date at 8 p.m. So, I threw the pile of clothes sitting in the corner of my bedroom into the washer and I took a nap. An hour later, the buzzing of the washer woke me up. I got up, put the load in the dryer and headed back to bed. By noon, I was woken up again thanks to the dryer. This time, I knew I couldn’t go back to sleep because I had to fold and hang the clothes. After doing that, I took to getting rid of the trash, unboxing my new PS4 and video games that I had gotten from Amazon and not playing them. That was the hardest thing I have ever done. I set it up and went downstairs with my trash and recycling around 5:30 p.m. when everything else had been taken care of. But when I headed back upstairs, I realized I was in my boxers and with no keys in my hand. After a series of curses left my mouth and the thought of breaking a window crossed my mind. I thankfully remembered that my cell phone was in my hand. I can’t go anywhere without my cell phone, so I looked up emergency locksmiths in the Dallas area and I found Dallas Locksmith 247.

The guy showed up, and smiled at the sight of my stained white t-shirt and checkered boxers. I was embarrassed, but he told me it happens more often than one would think. That made me feel better, but I told him I still needed to groom for my big date tonight. He opened the door a second after I told him that and he told me that he’s the residential locksmith expert at Dallas Locksmith 247. I thanked him and he handed me a bill that I paid right away (I didn’t need it sitting on my desk for a week). I hurried off to jump in the shower because it was 6:30 p.m. now and I needed to leave here by 7:30 at the latest to get to the date.

Dinner dateI sped through the shower so quickly the water didn’t even have time to get warm. I picked out a blue polo because it brought out my eyes, a pair of khakis and a sports jacket to head to the restaurant, Abacus, that I had made reservations for at 8. I waited anxiously for Amanda. She was late. An hour passed and still she hadn’t shown up. So, I headed home. As I was driving back home, Amanda called and let me know that she had locked her car keys along with her cell phone in the car and she had to call a locksmith to get her out. Funnily enough, she had called Dallas Locksmith 247 after a neighbor of hers had let her use her phone. I laughed with her about both of our predicaments and we decided to just casually go to a diner for our date.

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City of Cincinnati LogoAs usual, my job entails a lot of travel, and when a travel opportunity crops up, I jump on it without a doubt. Of course, the exhaustion gets to me but the rewards that come with visiting new places, seeing new things, making new friends are all worth it. Cincinnati, Ohio is a fast growing city and just like serious business, we have a branch there. Every once in a while, an employee from the headquarters is sent there for business.

It was my turn as the construction project manager to overlook projects in Cincinnati. As my superiors now know, my bags are always packed at the mention of a trip. One of the things that I’ve come to discover is that small towns have a lot to offer compared to larger towns. All the beauties of nature minus commotion is a winner for me.

gpsI got to Cincinnati late at night and unbelievably starved. I avoid road trip snacks and prefer whole meals at restaurants. I got to my hotel, confirmed that my bags were all in, locked up and left in search of a good restaurant. This is where a GPS comes in handy. It indicated that there were two restaurants within my vicinity; one on a 13 minutes drive and another on a 10 minutes drive. When you are battling hunger like I was, a whole 2 minutes makes a lot of difference, so I opted for the closest option.

I arrived at the restaurant, and the aroma around was so inviting. Although packed, there were several tables available so my hunger situation could be attended to fast without having to drool over other people’s meals. Right away, a waitress came to my rescue and didn’t even question the large serving of chicken and pasta that I ordered for. By the time I was done with my waist stretching meal, I knew I had to wrap up the night.

Sometimes I wake up easy even before the alarm goes off but It’s never a risk worth taking. An exhausted body is full of surprises, so my alarm is always set. I woke up early and got ready for work at the Cincinnati office. I needed to get there before everyone else so as to acquaint myself with the surroundings. I have the keys to every entrance so access wouldn’t be a problem at all. I got there 20 minutes before official arrival hours eager to look around and familiarize myself with my new territory for the next three days.

At first, the keys were jammed and for some regrettable reasons, the usually clumsy me figured that twisting the key with a little bit more force would be Okay. I knew that I was in for some deep trouble the moment I heard a snap sound that I automatically knew was from a broken key. I have never sweated that much before in my whole life. What a way to make a first impression. Luckily, I spotted the security guard on duty and shared my mishap with him. He chuckled and tried to find a way to pull out the stuck piece of the key from the hole but easily gave up. I’d tried that as well, so I knew it was useless. He headed out and came back with a small contacts book, perused through it and read out some numbers to me.

I guess I was still in zombie mode because all I did was stand and stare at him. He looked up at me and asked me to dial the numbers. The call went through quick, and I was notified that I was speaking to Cincinnati Locksmith company. I explained my predicament, they asked for the address and sent out a technician to me. It took the guy 10 minutes to get there, and he didn’t even need a repeat of the story. He came fully equipped, removed the stuck piece of the key and made a new key for me on the spot. How impressive is that? Thank goodness for technology and fast response, I was saved.

I particularly liked the way Rick, the technician, handled the whole situation. He was very professional and quick, almost felt like he knew I needed it done quick. It was pretty early in the day, but he told me that they have technicians on standby round the clock so I would still have received help regardless of the time. I also came to learn that besides commercial locksmith services, they also offer help with automobile lock services as well as residential locksmith services. Cincinnati has got to be one of the best cities in existence.

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My Trip to Ohio

An ordinary day for me means travelling out of town. Of all the states that I have been to, Ohio caught me by surprise. Although populous, It has a lot to offer. No way I was going to bore myself with all work and no play in this wonderful state. Although my trip ended with a salvation call to Dayton Locksmith, I do not regret a thing about my adventurous trip to Ohio.Ohio Welcomes You

On this particular assignment, I had been sent out by my superiors for a major conference meeting in Ohio. I rarely travel out of town for official business alone but when I do, I make the best out of it. When I hit a new city, I leave no stone unturned.

I kickstarted my journey early enough to facilitate adequate rest before the big day of the conference. Luckily, there were no flight delays or cancellations, so the travel plans went on smooth. I landed in Ohio early enough and took a taxi straight to my hotel. I organized all my material for the conference and perused through a few notes that I wasn’t quite conversant with before calling it a night.

The conference was quite successful, and I left the building feeling accomplished and enlightened more than ever before. I was finally done with my official duties. I gave myself a pat on the back for representing my company well and building on our already stellar reputation. It was now time to get acquainted with the beautiful state of Ohio.

I headed out to my hotel room in a rush and changed into some comfortable clothing, shorts, and a cool tee, then headed out. I only had enough time for sightseeing around town before nightfall. The beautiful scenery, wonderful restaurants, and friendly people ended my day on a sweet note. After dark, I headed out to my hotel in preparation for an early morning of even more adventure and fun. It didn’t realize just how tired I was until I got to my room. I could even bring myself to slip into my pajamas. All I needed was for my body to come into contact with the bed. I fantasized a bit about the big adventure that I had planned for the next day, set my alarm and fell asleep.

As usual, my alarm didn’t disappoint. I woke up Cambel Hillearly, packed my stuff for the big day at Campbell Hill and loaded them into my car. I whistled all the way to these great hills. The nature walk was so thrilling and adventurous. Our guide was quite informative, and I felt like this was one of the veterans. My excitement was too much to be contained which led to my making a few friends who were new to Ohio as well.

At the end of the trip, I said my goodbyes to my new found friends and headed out to my car. I reached out to the fancy cow skin key holder that I’d bought in Texas that’s always hooked to my belt. It was when I slid the key to unlock the car that I heard the most unfortunate sound. A snap from the key. I was left holding just the head of the key while the rest of the tail was lodged inside the key hole.

What a way to end an exciting day. I had no alternative but to head back to the tour guide station and explain the situation that I was in. One of them asked whether I’ve ever heard of Dayton Locksmith to which I answered in the negative. I was new to Ohio. They explained that they were the best in dealing with any auto problems and proceeded to pick up the phone and dial their number.

Our Park RangerMy biggest worry was that it was late, and we were in the outskirts of town so they’d not be able to get to us. My worries were laid to rest when I heard the ranger confirm our location and time that they’d get to us. She told me that a technician was on his way. Further discussion about my situation led me to understand that Dayton Locksmith offers their services round the clock regardless of your location in Ohio.

I also came to learn that their technicians are well trained in handling any car problems regardless of the make or model. They arrived at the site a few minutes later which made me sigh with relief. I showed them the broken key to which they made another on the spot and successfully removed the piece that was lodged on the door. I was lucky enough to end my trip on a high note.

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Welcome to Crescent City

Traveling never gets old, especially when you get paid to do it. When it come time to go out of town for business, everyone knows I’m the guy to send. I always make sure that the job is flawless, and I everyone who travels with me always requests me as Crescent City Maptheir partner for out of town trips. When it comes to traveling out of town, having fun is always the second thing on my priority list, right after making sure the project is flawless. What’s the point of visiting all of the different cities if I can’t enjoy what the have to offer. Out of all the states that I have been to, I would have to say that Florida is by far my favorite. I have been to Florida several times for business, My trip to Aventura was one of the most memorable trips I have been on since I started working at Hoffman Construction Co. So when my boss sent me an email saying that they were going to need me to oversee the Lakewood Nursing Home construction project I was psyched.

I had never been to Crescent City before, but I knew that Florida had never disappointed me on previous trips. The trip to Crescent City was going to be for three weeks which meant I would be able to do some sightseeing, which was my favorite part about my job. Later in the week, we had a meeting at work to go over how the Crescent City project would go. The meeting went smoothly, and now it was time for the trip to Crescent City!

The day of the trip, everyone showed up on time, so we were on schedule to start off the day. When we got to Crescent City, Florida after a 4-hour flight, we were all exhausted. The rental company picked us up at the airport in the rental the company had for us and lucky for us the rental car came with a GPS with the address to our hotel already programmed into it. We got to the hotel after a 20-minute drive and everyone got settled in and decided they were going to order some pizza and call it a night. The adventurer in me was not going to settle for pizza in a city I’ve never been to when I can have pizza every day of the week at home. I took a quick shower and jumped into the rental.

I started driving around the city, after all; it was only 7:00 PM. I was checking to see all of the places that I would want to visit later on in the week when all of a sudden the most heart-warming smell grabbed my attention. The smell was coming from a light blue and yellow building, and the music, and fun coming from there could be heard from way down the street. I wanted to wait till tomorrow to see around, but this was a place I had to see right away. As I drove closer, I could see the name on the building, and it said Three Bananas and there were hundreds of motorcycles parked outside.

Before I went in, I told myself That Ii was only going to go in to check the place out. I went inside, and within the first five minutes, I was completely lost in the music and the atmosphere. It felt like the place was made for me. After what seemed like bout 10 minutes, I went in my pocket and took out my phone to check for any missed calls. I had 10 missed calls and seven text messages from my coworkers who were worried about me. I called them and told them how I had found the best little restaurant/bar in Crescent City and told them I was on my way back to the hotel.

I got to themy Broken Key car and opened the door and put the key in the ignition and started the car. But instead of the usual starting sound of the engine, I was greeted by a snap sound. When I heard the snap and felt what had just happened in my right hand, my heart dropped to my stomach. The car key just broke. The worst part about it was the broken piece of the key was stuck in the ignition. I was pacing back and forth outside of the rental trying to figure out what to do when one of the guys from the bar walked up and asked if I needed help. I explained to him my mishap, and he gave me a business card and said they will solve all of your problems and then walked away.

The card was the business card of an automotive locksmith company in Crescent City called A Gator Locksmith. I called them and, the phone was quickly answered after two short rings. I explained my situation to them, and the dispatch said they would have someone at my location in 10 minutes. I sat on the curb and waited for them, after five minutes of waiting the locksmith had arrived ahead of the estimated 10 minutes. The part that impressed me, even more, was how quick he solved my problems. He was done, and I was ready to get back on the road in 7 minutes. They were the fastest locksmith’s I ever had the pleasure of dealing with. When I got back to the hotel everyone was already asleep, so there was no need to wake them and let them know how my night ended so I went to my room and went to sleep because I had an early morning ahead of me.

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Lock n Roll

Homestead was amazing but as always, every trip ends up with my usual route home. As much as I love travelling, home is where I get my peace, rest and stability. When the route starts getting too familiar, my mind switches from the awesomeness that I encounter from the numerous trips to what I am accustomed to at home. However, not everything about the trip evaporates, that beautiful mouth watering hoagie I had at Davie will forever be engraved in my memory.

Back to reality, I checked into my hometown in the morning hours. It is at this time that I remembered that my daughter Kaitlyn had a swimming Gala and had requested a gift in advance as she knew she was going to win. I headed out to the general store and bought what she’s always wanted, an electric guitar. I was in a happy and generous mood so she might as well count her lucky stars. I headed home hoping to get some sleep as well as prepare a surprise dinner for them right after my much-needed nap.

When I got to the door, I just couldn’t find my keys. They were not in my pockets, backpack, laptop sleeve, nowhere. Considering how fatigued I was, I was bound to go insane. I now wore that sheepish look that one usually has when they can’t gain access to their own house. My nosy neighbours were now beginning to peep through their windows with some taking empty garbage bags outside just to have a look at this poor guy who’s been kicked out with all his luggage so early in the morning.

Laspadas HoagieI needed to think carefully and recollect my steps on where I’d likely left the keys. I remembered having them in my hands while walking into La Spada’s Original Hoagies. The more I thought about it the more visual it got. I could see them on the table and even remembered pushing them further away when the 12″ monster was brought to the table. After that, all I could remember was hogging that delicious submarine to completion and not picking up my keys on my way out.

Thanks to my usual keys mishaps, I have a thick collection of cards from locksmiths all over the world. I went through it carefully and pulled out one from the best and most reliable locksmith in Davie, Lock n Roll Locksmith. I made the call, explained my lost keys situation and had them come over. Of course, I had the option of calling my wife and have her come over to my rescue but it was my daughter’s special day plus, I wanted my arrival to be a surprise to them all. While strategizing my surprise, technicians from Lock n Roll Locksmith arrived and as usual, did the impossible.

Garage Door RepairI decided to get to the house through the garage just as a security measure. The last thing I wanted to do is tamper with the front door lock. I checked with them and they assured me that they can handle a garage door and repair it to perfection in case there was any damage caused in the process.

It took us just 15 minutes to get the garage door open and I was finally inside my humble abode. As the technician was repairing the garage door, I asked him to duplicate a copy of the front door from the spare we keep inside the house. All this was done fast and easy. It’s almost like these guys are programmed to make even the impossible possible. What’s more, he hanged around until I confirmed that everything was alright. Now that’s what I call professionalism.

By now, my nagging sleep had long disappeared and as I walked around the house wondering what to do next, I got a light bulb idea. I strategically placed my little rockstar’s new guitar on the hallway from the front door with a big red ribbon on it. I then jumped into the shower, took a quick one, got dressed and headed out the door. I was going to surprise my whole family over at my daughter’s gala.

When I got there, my daughter was scheduled for the next race so I hid and waited until she was in the water. It is only then that I hurriedly got to the finishing end of the pool and stood there waiting for her to surface. When she saw me, she almost flipped with excitement. By then, my wife and son were running towards me not sure whether it was to greet me or congratulate Kaitlyn for the win. When everyone flung their arms around me, I felt my heart sink with satisfaction. I was home.

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Why I Hated

One of the perks of my job is travel, and I love it. The endless opportunities to experience different cultures, weather and even the chance to make new friends is thrilling. Basically, I would say that I’m on vacation almost all the time with my job. My actual vacation days are spent at home relaxing and bonding with the family. On this particular assignment, Homestead, Florida would be my next destination. Our company was hired for an important construction project in the heart of Homestead. Everyone was excited especially since the ‘who’s who’ of Florida would be present to break ground and flag off the project.

All the radio stations were covering this story and the repeated mention of our company, Hoffman Construction Co. sent chills down our spines. Everyone had their nerves on edge over this project. A tiny mistake would spiral down our reputation while a great job would mean more business being thrown our way. Our boss was on our neck confirming what we already knew. The constant meetings and routine drills clearly meant that he was more nervous than we were.

The day of the travel came by and surprisingly; everyone was on time, so the journey began. Personally, I’m not new to Florida twice since my sister lives there. What a great opportunity it was for a reunion with my sister. I had nothing but good plans for Homestead but little did I know it would be the day that I become acquainted with Homestead Locksmith and their automotive locksmith services. We got to Homestead Florida a day before the big day. My nervous boss wanted everyone to stick together, but we all seemed anxious to explore this beautiful sunny city, so he allowed everyone to leave but with a strict warning that we should all be back before 9 pm.

My sister knew that I work with the company that was hired to do the job for the city, but I hadn’t confirmed whether I’d be among those that were selected to come. I wanted it to be a surprise. She has this sharp shriek when she’s surprised, and it cracks me up to tears. She’s my only and baby sister, so I like to make her happy.

I immediately headed out to her house. When I got there, I noticed several cars outside her house and was taken aback. I parked mine as well, walked to her front door and rang the bell. Her best friend opened the door and flung her arms around my neck. Everyone in the house was in a somber mood. She ushered me in and led me to an empty seat. A few minutes later, my sister came running into the room and hugged me tighter than she’s ever done. I was still in shock until I noticed her holding Jaime’s picture, her dog. I sadly came to learn that he had been run over by a car and died on the spot that morning.

This was heartbreaking for me since Jaime was my friend too. He was gifted to her as a puppy by our father for her 20th birthday. I spent the whole day with her, participated fully in the burial of Jaime in her back yard then took her out for dinner in a nice restaurant nearby to cheer her up.

When I looked down at my watch, it was 8;15 pm, it was time to leave so we said our goodbyes. I escorted her to her car then walked to mine, but my car keys were nowhere to be found. I fumbled with my pockets and searched everywhere but it was obvious, I’d lost them.

I sat at the pavement trying to retrace my steps but unfortunately, I had no recollection of where I’d lost my keys. A security guard got curious and walked up to me. I explained my predicament and just how bad I needed to get to my hotel room by 9 pm. He got his card holder out and handed me a card, Homestead Locksmith. He told me that that happens a lot, and that’s why he walks around with the cards. He assured me that Homestead Locksmith were the best in town and if I hurried up to give them a call, they’d get to me in a rush and ensure that I get to my boss in time.

I dialled their number immediately and by luck, they had one of their technicians nearby. He got to me in just 5 minutes and successfully unlocked my car. Thank goodness I had a spare key inside the car. I thanked the guard and the Homestead Locksmith technician profusely and drove off. I got to the hotel just on time but spent the rest of the night worrying about my heart broken baby sister.

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The first time visited the city of Miami will always be one of my most memorable trips. When I first got the news that I was going to be going to Miami for the next project I was excited. I would rather spend the winter down in Miami over spending it here in Washington any day. Winters in Washington are nothing compared to the winters in Miami, It’s pretty much summer year round for the people living in Miami.

Since my trip to Miami was going to be a month-long trip, I decided to bring my family with me. The kids were on their winter break, so the entire got to come with me. When We arrived at Miami, it was 10:00 PM on a Sunday. It wasn’t as warm as I thought it was going to be, but the taxi driver who drove us to our hotel told us it was only this cool because it was night time. Even though it was a bit chilly that night, we were all happy, and no one had any complaints about the weather because 50 degrees Fahrenheit was nothing compared to the -15 degrees weather the people back in Washington were experiencing.

When we arrived at  Miami, it was kind of late but we were all famished from our flight. So we looked for a place to eat near the hotel, we found the perfect little Italian Restaurant just 10 minutes away. We got settled in, and then we all got ready and jumped into the rental that Hoffman Construction Co had for me. We drove to the restaurant that was surprisingly 10-minute drive like the GPS said. If we were in Washington, it would have took us at least an hour to get there because of the snow and slippery roads. We got to the restaurant, and we had the best Italian food. I felt like I was in Italy for a moment when I was eating my chicken saltimbocca.

After we had a little piece of Italy, we were all pretty tired and ready to call it a night. I asked the waitress for the check right after because the kids were looking like they were ready to go to sleep right in their seat. We all left the restaurant full and completely satisfied. All I was thinking on the way back to the car was that this was the best first night, I wonder what tomorrow will bring. When We arrived at the car, the best first night quickly turned into the worst first night. I couldn’t find the keys to the rental anywhere on me. I went back and asked the people from the restaurant if I had left it in there, but they said I didn’t walk in with any keys in my hand.

I was freaking out, and everyone was ready to go to sleep and I was making the best night the worse night. That’s when one of the waitresses came outside on her lunch break and told us about Miami Locksmith and their emergency automotive locksmith services. She said they were the fastest and most reliable locksmith in Miami. I gave them a call and in less than 10 minutes they had someone at our location and the car door was opened. Ater opening the door, we thought the locksmith was going to ask for his money and be on his way. The locksmith stayed and helped us until we finally found the key 20 minutes later under the driver seat. I didn’t know how to thank him for all his help. The locksmith came, did his job, and then stayed after until he knew we didn’t need any more help.

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Welcome to Leadville Locksmith Museums, I’m Jacob Leadville. My job is to travel for a living; I am the leading construction project manager at Hoffman Construction Co. Being a construction project manager is not only supervising construction projects from beginning to end, ensuring that projects are completed within time and budgetary constraints, we also do lots of traveling. Often, they will relocate us to different locations where we sometimes stay for several months to oversee a project. The one problem I always seem to have when I travel is I always lose my keys. My wife thinks I might have a serious issue with losing my keys, but in all honesty, I have no idea why I can’t seem to keep my keys when I go out of town. In the last ten years, I have lost my keys at least 50 times, and at least 30 of them were lost out of town. Although losing my keys that many times is a bad thing, I am the type of person who likes to make the best out of every situation, especially the bad ones. So from losing that many keys of the years, I came up with a list of the top 10 Locksmiths from all over the country that can be very useful if you are ever in one of their towns.

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